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A few weeks ago, after my 7-year-old greyhound, Flora, was diagnosed with pannus, the vet recommended that she should wear Doggles. I ordered a glamorous animal print pair from you. They arrived promptly and, after a little initial reluctance, Flora now wears them happily. As someone said, all she needs is a scarf and she’d look like Audrey Hepburn. It is good to know that, in addition to the eye-drops, I can do something else to help save her sight.

When I put this photo on the two retired greyhound owners’ Facebook groups to which I belong, it triggered a great deal of interest and overnight Flora has become something of a poster girl for Doggles. It’s interesting that although people are prone to point at her when we are out, other dogs take not a scrap of notice of the fact that a dog is wearing shades.

Best wishes,

Hilary Johnson, M.A., Ph.D.


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